To all my girls who give too much and receive too little

Do not feel guilty.

Do not be too hard on yourself for giving pieces of you to those who did not deserve it.

You willingly gave them a privilege they could not otherwise afford.

You bestowed upon them a blessing that they should not have received, no matter how many times they confessed their sins to the Lord.

But because of your grace, they now have your image resting behind their face.

And because of the rawness of your soul, they will reap what you sowed within them.  You’ve made them whole.

Your words are engraved somewhere in the cloudy abyss of their memories.

And one day your voice will emerge from the dust, harmonizing with the voices of those they have broken, reminding them of what they live for.

Do not feel guilty.


Later you will discover that because of your vulnerability, your legacy lives.

And because of you, they now live too.


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